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DFSS - Design for Six Sigma

A Six Sigma tool used to produce, improve and/or develop a design or process with the objective of "designing in" 6 sigma performance enhancements and/or reducing errors or failures, (external failures for example), typically using a design review and then process improvement steps.

Any new process, procedure, or service, should be designed with six sigma in mind in order to achieve 3.4PPM defects. DFSS should come as the first step in many six sigma efforts. It should make, at the very least, market to customer requirements and DMAIC, define, measure, analyze, improve, and control as an objective.

You can use our free software to calculate the PPM, (parts per million), as well as Cpk, (Process Capability), Yield and DPMO, (Defects per Million Opportunities).

Also see our articles on Waste-Free Industrialized System Part 1, (DFSS overview), Waste-Free Industrialized System Part 2, (design tolerance), and the Cpk vs PPM page.

In the development process, can be used when doing PDR, (Prototype Design Reviews), and PPDR, (Post Production Design Reviews).

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