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DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

A six sigma tool. Short for an improvement system, which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Provides organization to process improvements, process and product design and/or redesign of procedures and materials using methodologies such as process improvement, design reviews, ANOVA, (analysis of variance), control charts, and the like in a six sigma plan.

You can use our free DPMO/PPM, Cpk, Sigma, and Yield Lookup Table Calculator Software with a converter to convert the units and dynamic links to Microsoft Excel for some measurements. Control charts are greatly used for DMAIC projects.


A segment that defines the problem or opportunity for a problem, in a process or procedure that effects the customer's requirement or specifications. A hypothesis statement can be used in this used for this item.


The act of defining and identifying key measurements and collecting data, (with quality inspections using in most cases stratified sampling and a systematic sampling plan), on the assembles, and presenting a conclusion for a quantified evaluation of any given characteristics and/or level of operation based on the observed data collected. (also see Random Sampling)


The action where a processes, procedure, or service, details are examined for process improvement opportunities. Note that data is examined and confirmed to demonstrate suspected root or common causes, (Not Special Cause), and verify a problem statement and the process analysis should include reviewing process maps for wasted and non-wasted actions.


A segment that defines where solutions and ideas may be generated and ruled on. Once a problem has been successfully identified, measured, and analyzed for potential solutions, the results can be evaluated to solve the problem.


Once improvement opportunities have been implemented, by continuing to measure the process, using SPC, (statistical process control), to trace and confirm the stability of the implemented improvements and the expected results in the process. (also see our pages on Statistical Process Control and Range or R-Bar and mean also known as X-Bar for more details on SPC control charts).

Sometimes but not always will include some process management methodology including process ownership. A statistical theory that can indicate whether a process operating within an acceptable range and if it is being influenced by variations mainly attributed to "common cause" factors. Any processes that can operate in this condition are said to be "in control".

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