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DPMO - Defects per Million Opportunities

Calculation used in Six Sigma that will indicate the number of defects in a process, procedure or service measured in the number of millions of opportunities. Sometimes referred to as PPM, (parts per million). (see note)

To calculate DPMO you must first calculate DPO, (defects per opportunity). Once you have the DPO, you multiply by 1,000,000 or 106 to get DPMO.

DPMO  =  DPO x 106

We have a free and commercial product to aid you in these calculations. See the free DPMO calculator and the commercial DPMO calculator for more details.

This calculation is based in part on the book The Six Sigma Way and Motorola six sigma training.

Note: for the purest,  PPM and DPMO are not one and the same. Many professionals believe or have it in mind that PPM denotes defective pieces. This would mean that 6 sigma, or 3.4 'defective' pieces for every million pieces produced. If there are too many defects opportunities, then this number can be skewed higher.  Also see Using Defects Per Unit To Benchmark Different Products at the bottom of the page. Also see our six sigma page.

Also see DO - Defect opportunity and DFSS - Design for Six Sigma.

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