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Control charts

Highly specialized plots, (graphics), or charts indicating if a process performance, mean (average or X-bar), standard deviation (sigma), and range, are with in a certain specification limits using upper control limits and/or lower control limits. You can also use Pre-Control to establish control limits on control charts.

A requirement in SPC and Six Sigma.

Control charts aide in the determination as to if a processís influences are of common cause (normal) or unique or special cause, (strange, rare). Mostly used in statistical process control, (SPC) as a part of any DFSS, (Design for Six Sigma), DMAIC, (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) or ISO standards.

Control charts typically use a histogram or distribution chart as well as X bar, (mean), and R bar, (range), charts. They may also use other chart types depending on the data type, discrete, (sometimes called attribute data), or variable data.

Similar to a trend chart with boundaries and zones established from the data. Control charts break away intrinsic process or procedure variation, (common cause), from variation that is not part of the process or procedure, (special cause).

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