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Design for Manufacturability Handbook
By James G. Bralla
Pages: 1368 $125.00
Design Dimensioning and Tolerancing
By Bruce A. Wilson
Pages: 275 $40.00
Product Design for Manufacture and...
By Boothroyd, Dewhurst, & Knight
Pages: 540 $165.00
Rapid Manufacturing: ...
By S. S. Dimov, Duc Truon Pham
Pages: 248 $109.00
Dimensioning and Tolerancing Handbook
By Paul J. Drake
Pages: 704 $125.00
Tolerance Design: Handbook Developing...
By Clyde M. Creveling
Pages: 448 $58.80
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly -...
By O. Molloy, E.A. Warman, S. Tilley
Pages: 224 $127.00
Product Design and Manufacture
By John R. Lindbeck, Robert M. Wygant
Pages: 353 $96.00
Toyota Production System : Beyond...
By Taiichi Ono, Taiichi Ohno
Pages: 163 $45.00
Product Design With Plastics : A...
By Joseph B. Dym
Pages: 288 $17.25
Product Design and Development
By Karl T. Ulrich, Steven D. Eppinger
Pages: 384 $105.10
Engineering Methods for Robust Product...
By William Y. Fowlkes, Clyde M. Creveling
Pages: 432 $64.95
Design Secrets : Products: 50 Real-Life...
By Industrial Designers Society of America
Pages: 208 $34.00
Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
By Kalpakjian, Schmid, Schmidt
Pages: 1148 $116.00
The Basics of FMEA
By R. McDermott, R. Mikulak, M. Beauregard
Pages: 76 $9.95
The Product Development Challenge :�
By Kim B. Clark, Steven C. Wheelwright
Pages: 448 $32.50
The Prentice Hall Illustrated Handbook�
By Jerome H. Fuchs
Pages: N/A $69.95
The Pdma Handbook of New Product�
By Milton D. Rosenau
Pages: 656 $125.00
The Chemical Analysis of Electroplating�
By Terrance H. Irvine
Pages: 192 $45.00
Product Strategy for High Technology�
By Michael E. McGrath
Pages: 400 $49.95
Customer Centered Products: Creating�
By Ivy F. Hooks, Kristin A. Farry
Pages: 271 $35.00
The Idea Generator: Quick and Easy Kaizen
By IBunji Tozawa, Norman Bodek
Pages: 375 $47.52
Lean Manufacturing Implementation:...
By Dennis P. Hobbs
Pages: 280 $49.95
The Idea Generator: Quick and Easy Kaizen
By Kenneth Dailey
Pages: 44 $6.95

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